• SUNDAY 17TH March


Q. Can I purchase tobacco products at the event?
A. NO, there will be NO retail facilities for smoking products and there will be no pass outs allowed.

Q. Will my bags be searched at the event?
A. Yes, bag checks will be carried out upon entry to the event and there will be no pass outs issued.

Q. Will there be cloakroom at the event?
A. Yes, bag, jackets and other items will be able to be checked into the cloakroom. There will be a designated cloakroom area that will incur a charge.

Q. I have special dietary / medical needs; can I bring food, medication or specific beverages to the event?
A. Yes you can.... you can request this and gain approval via email / fax to Mothership Events office. Any persons wishing to register their arrival with such items and specific needs can do so by

PHONE: 02 9280 0557 / EMAIL: [email protected] / FAX: 02 9280 0526

You will need to follow this procedure upon completion of the application:
1. Supply of letter from doctor confirming your condition and its requirements
2. Supply a list of items you wish to bring in to the event
3. Please note that you will still be required to pasS through entry processes of the event
5. Presentation of this email / fax approval form at the entry gates will confirm your exception to the event rules